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  • Clean Intermittent Catheterization (CIC): Step By Step Instructions for Girls [Chinese - Traditional] Public

    CIC is a technique that your child will have to do several times a day to help empty urine (pee) from her bladder. CIC stands for Clean Intermittent Catheterization: Clean: as germ-free as possible Intermittent: done on a regular schedule many times a day Catheterization: using a catheter, a kind of thin tube, to drain urine out of the bladder CIC is necessary when your child is unable to empty her bladder on her own, when her bladder leaks urine, or when very high pressure has developed in the bladder. If the bladder is not properly emptied, infections or other problems can happen. CIC is not hard to do. Your child cannot hurt her bladder if she follows the nurse’s directions. With a little practice, almost everyone can learn the technique, even a 5-year-old child. Audio available. (Chinese - Traditional)


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