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Pertussis (say: per-TUSS-iss), also known as whooping cough, is a sudden-onset infection of the lungs and upper respiratory tract. The illness has three phases: Your child will begin to have cold-like symptoms, such as a runny nose and mild cough. In the second phase, the cough gets worse. Your child will have severe coughing episodes. These are sudden short, fast coughs that occur in clusters. Coughing makes breathing difficult for your child. When your child takes a breath in after a cluster of coughs, you will hear a high pitched whooping sound. Your child will often turn red in the face. The infection can produce a lot of thick mucus in the nose and throat. The coughing may cause your child to throw up. He may vomit milk, food and mucus. The third phase includes healing and recovery. Your child will continue to have a persistent cough, but it will be less severe than in the second phase. Pertussis can be a very serious illness in babies because their airways are small. Babies with pertussis may need to be hospitalized. Audio available. (Chinese - Traditional)


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