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  • Is My Child Growing Well? [Vietnamese] Public

    Questions and Answers for parents. Why should I keep track of my child’s growth? How often should my child be weighed and measured? How is my child’s growth tracked? Which growth chart should be used to track my child’s growth? How do I know if my child is growing well? (Vietnamese)


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    English, French, Spanish, Inuktitut, Persian - Farsi, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Chinese

    Body Location:
    • Digestive System,
    • Stomach and Digestive System,
    • mouth
    Disorders and Conditions:
    • Diet and Nutrition,
    • Infant/Childrens Health
    • Foods,
    • Diet,
    • Nutrition,
    • Meals,
    • Obesity,
    • Youth,
    • Baby,
    • Eating,
    • Vegetables,
    • Infants,
    • Infant,
    • Fruits,
    • Disorders,
    • Growth,
    • Vegetarian,
    • Vegan,
    • risk,
    • BMI,
    • failure to thrive,
    • head circumference,
    • length,
    • weight,
    • low risk,
    • monitor
    • Child Nutrition Sciences
    • Children,
    • Toddlers
    • Fraser Health
    • Population and Public Health,
    • MICY
    Professional or Practice Group:
    • Dietitians & Nutrition
    Cross Reference on Location:
    Public Health Nutrition
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    No fold
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    Nov7/13 email:That will be just fine Norah and by the way the HealthLink BC Fact sheet generator is back online now and available at: Janice Macdonald, MEd, RD, FDC Director, Communications Dietitians of Canada Tel: 416 596 2058 Cell: 250 415 3892 Twitter: @DietitiansCAN On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 1:27 PM, Wong, Norah wrote: Hi Janice, I would like to add a link to the individual documents at this link to our patient education resource catalogue. These resources will be made available to healthcare providers where they are able to print copies for patients/clients/families/caregivers.
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    January 01, 2014
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