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Before you proceed to "Checkout":

  • Double-check the "Packages" quantity entry for each item.
  • If you change the package, click on the "Update" button to update your order.
  • To add items to your order, click on "Home" in the catalogue menu or ‘Cancel Order’ at the bottom of your order to return to the search screen.
  • Remove items from your order using the "Remove" button.

To cancel your order after you have "checked out", contact the Fraser Health Print Shop at and quote the order ID number.

Items that are invoiced

Fraser Health invoices for items that require specialized stock or outsourcing to external print services.

Specialized stock includes:

  • Paper larger than 12 X 18
  • Binding Materials
  • Non-standard card stock

Print requests are outsourced to external print services when:

  • Colour order volumes larger than (3000)
  • Document size larger than 12 X 18
  • Lamination required (over 25 copies)
  • Binding required